Advance Wars Guide

Advance Wars – The Video Game Series

The main goal of Advance Wars is to defeat an opposing army. There are two methods to accomplish this: first you could destroy every unit on the map, second you could capture the enemy HQ, although some levels do require specific achievements in order to win the battle such as capturing a set number of cities. Advance Wars offers several play options including a campaign mode that follows the game’s main story, the war room mode which features entirely score-based objectives, a multiplayer mode and a mode that lets players create their own levels.

Advance Wars features turn-based strategy gameplay. From 2 up to 4 armies, each with its own commanding officer, take turns each building and moving their units along the gridded maps which make up the levels.
Units all have limits as to what types of units they are able to attack. A given unit’s attack ability in Advance Wars is dependent on its primary and secondary weapons. The amount of damage an enemy takes in combat is directly dependent on the number of hit points the attacker has. Most of the weapons in the game also have a finite supply of ammunition. After the ammunition in a primary weapon is gone units with secondary weapons will begin to use those.

The terrain of a level map affects how a unit can move, vision, and the amount of defense a unit has. There are also weather conditions that can affect vision and movement ability. One can also enable “fog of war” which means a player’s vision will change depending on any given unit’s individual line of sight.

Advance Wars features 18 different styles of military units. In fog of war each unit has a set attack power and different level if vision, movement range, ability to move, and fuel supply, and most of the units boast a primary and secondary weapon that can be utilized against a variety of enemy types. Some units attack either directly or indirectly, there are also transport units. All units either fall under infantry, vehicles, ships or planes. Each unit has individual strengths and weaknesses.

When in multiplayer mode one can go up against other human players or the game’s AI. Multiplayer has a wide variety of options that can be changed before each session. When in Versus mode a single GBA system is used between all players. One person takes their turn and then passes the handheld over to the next player. Link mode is the same as Versus mode when it comes to gameplay but instead uses multiple handhelds linked together. This can use a single handheld or with one being used for each player.

Each army in play in Advance Wars is lead by a Commanding Officer who dictates the unit movement. All Commanding Offers aside from Andy provide their units with special strengths and weaknesses, such as a boost in firepower or a wider movement range. Commanding Officers also have their own Power Meter which fills up as they defeat opposing units or when they receive a particularly brutal attack. When the Power Meter fills up the Commanding Officer can use their special power which generally gives a temporary positive effect to their units and sometimes a negative effect to the opposing units.
Play Advance Wars along with any other of your favorite games with an game card. Advance Wars is a great way to kill time and your enemies.

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